Caitlin's Kickstart Award

                           Registered Charity since 2001, No. 1092350

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Caitlin spent her first years in a vicarage on the Isle of Dogs.

She thought she lived on the “ I love Dogs ”   and she most certainly did ! 


Who was Caitlin?

Caitlin Hurcombe was a Performing Arts Student from Ludlow College in South Shropshire and earlier from the Community College at Bishops Castle and The American School in London.

 She died by suicide in 1998 and towards the end of her final year of studies.

What is Caitlin's Kickstart Award?

In 2001 Caitlin's mother Linda founded the Award.

The aim of this unique award, a registered charity, is to give financial help to deserving students in their first year of higher education and in any discipline.

The present award is a giftof £1,000 per recipient; as of 2010, we have gifted £20,000.

The Trustees are making every effort to build a permanent trust for local students to help them face the ever- increasing costs of higher education.

Who can apply?

Any student at Ludlow College or The Community  College at Bishops Castle accepted for higher education in any discipline can apply. The Award is not available for a gap year. The scheme is administered by the respective colleges, and applications are invited in April of each year.

Further information about Caitlin's Kickstart Award is available from the respective colleges. 

The founders and trustees of this innovative award would prefer that young people be free from financial constraints and burdens when continuing their education.

Caitlin's Kickstart Award is an attempt to address this issue on a modest but crucial scale. Given the enormous pool of talented and gifted young people,it sometimes feels like a drop in the ocean. However, we know that this support can make a significant difference to the lives of the young people who pass through our hands.

We thank you for your present and future support.

Honorary Patrons, Trustees and Friends

Baroness Helena Kennedy

Pete Postlethwaite, OBE   (in loving memory -2011)

Trustees:   Lawrence Gittins  ( Treasurer)

                 Lisa Besnoziuk

                 Mary Hayter   (in loving memory -2013)

                 Richard Tunnicliffe

                 Amanda Brisbane

Friends:     Graham and Ann Arnold

                 Julian Clary

                 Peter Hayter